16 Nov 21st, 2020

Dani's Dream: Their Passion

with Danielle Leedy

Danielle Leedy was a vibrant, strong, powerful life force, and young woman. At age 33, she lost a long battle to chronic depression. Donna and Jeff Heck, Dani’s parents, founded 33 Forever in her honor. 33 Forever, a nonprofit, is operated by Dani’s family and friends, working together, using their knowledge, passion, and resources to positively impact everyone affected by the mental health crisis. By generating awareness around mental health challenges our society faces each day, Danielle’s family and friends strive to bring hope, healing and encouragement to those who struggle to find any.

Hosted by Rick Milenthal

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Be a part of the movement that is breaking stigmas surrounding mental health. Listen in as we discuss mental illness topics like depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicide and more.

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